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Last Post. Identification: Purple fuzzy stemmed mystery plant. dreadawn. Indoor and Greenhouse Plants. 10. July 4th, 2008 01:32 AM. Identification: what has fuzzy leaves and purple flowers? chris10

A. karataviense: Native to Turkestan and noted for its low-growing profile, this allium has fuzzy-looking beige-pink flowers in an umbel up to 12 inches across on stiff eight-inch stems. The leaves are spotted grey-purple.

1349-longifolia SB758 Remhoogte, bright red fl $3.50 1349.02-velutina n Heioab, white felted leaves $3.00 1349.04-velutina Rooiberg, mostly white flowers, fuzzy leaves $3.00 1349.1-sp Shakkalsberg, Spergebiet, smooth pale leaves $3.00.

Be the first to comment on this store! Scan of a green stem, purple roses, fuzzy flowers envelopes. , yard, floral, victorian, yellow, white, petal, petals, purple, fuzzy...

However, peppermint is a green, leafy plant that is fuzzy to the touch. In addition to the fuzzy leaves, the plant also displays pink or purple flowers in the summer months, and can grow up to 3 feet high.

I used 100% cotton embroidery floss for the stems and leaves in green. This soft little felted bowl would look great at the office with paperclips or rubber bands in it...

└ Tags: B&W,black and white,ice,macro,oregon,photography,portland,purple cone flower,snow,vancouver,washington.  Tip the Slug. Fuzzy Days. February 2011. M.

For Info on Other Flowers: African Violet – fuzzy heart-shaped leaves, petals can be single, double, or ruffled and come in dark purple, lavender, pink, yellow, white, red, and some multi-colored.

I have a plant with small green fuzzy leaves that bloom small purple flowers, my grandmother called it a teddy bear, they grow in a pot and hang. I am trying to find this plant.

The leaves are very similar to leucophyllum cloud sage. Has rosemary like aroma and fuzzy silvery green leaves and blooms with amazing purple flowers! It is growing in full sun in Phoenix, AZ.

I know of several types of trees that have purple flowers, and there are probably more .Here are the names of the ones I know.  What Kind of Tree Has Fuzzy Leaves and Purple Flowers?

South Central, Texas County. And those leaves are rising about 6 or so inches apart from one another, flower heads (??) showing small (sunflower seed sized) white bulbs forming.

whorls of flowers, mostly bright golden yellow, though some soft purple as well. green leaves above, felty...

mary t asked: The flowers are smaller and dark purple in color and the leaves are like half dollar size and they are fuzzy. I think it may be a violet but i dont know much about flowers.

8 PURPLE FULL C, F, H, O. Very attractive fuzzy almost heart shaped leaves and trailing stems make this an exciting over the wall or one is. PELARGONIUM CRISPUM (LEMON GERANIUM)

Visitor by leaving His and Her p. ��When a death occurs in a family as visiting cards of Purple flower fuzzy leaf would. To them and.

The leaves are palmately lobed with five (rarely three or seven) lobes, up to 25 cm long and broad, superficially resembling maple leaves. The flowers are 3–5 cm diameter, with five purple petals; they are produced from early spring to early fall.

*Incredible large fuzzy bluish-green wheat like shaped bracts with royal purple flowers emerge through it's lower leaf blade axis creating a very unusual sight to behold. Foliage is greenish-purple on large paddle like leaves and burgundy purple...

Lantana camara ‘Miss Huff’-Clusters of multi-tonal orange flowers Echeveria nodulosa-Rosette succulent, teal and purple leaves Strobilanthes gyssopinum-Fuzzy, creamy brown foliage with silver new growth 40.

Forms a dense shrub of narrow gray-green "felt" leaves covered with fuzzy lavender purple flowers. We are also offering a dark purple flowered selection. Height to 4'. Zones 8-10.


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